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Enneagram 5 Personality Type Mug

Enneagram 5 Personality Type Mug

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This is a self care and self love reminder for the enneagram "five" types, and those that resinate with this reminder. This mug is meant as the reminder for the five types that they have such a beautiful way of discovering pretty much anything they set their minds too. The amount of knowledge a five can keep in their minds, is amazing! Their worth however doesn't come from how much they know or how quickly they find the answer, but that they are wonderfully themselves and created to be just that! If you don't know what the enneagram is, or aren't interested in it. Use this as a reminder that we all deserve love!




-White ceramic

-Two size options 11 oz. (0.33 l) and 15 oz. (0.44 l)

-Rounded corners


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